So the next version of Windows will be called Windows 10, an increment of 2 over the current version. But hey, we have had worse. There was an increment of 3 between Windows 95 and 98. On that basis, maybe Microsoft should have named it Windows 11, throwing in a “This Is Spinal Tap” joke. “It’s like the Windows you know, but turned up to 11”, is what Microsoft could have said.

But 10 it is, and maybe it will be 10 for quite some time after late 2015 (it’s expected official release date). After all, Apple’s desktop OS has been stuck on version 10 for the last 13 years. Maybe this is Microsoft finally growing up and stabilising it’s desktop OS. No more change for change's sake. It’s looking like we’ll get a point release every year, which may well be free. This change won’t really affect Microsoft's revenue, as it will still charge PC makes to bundle Windows on new PCs and other devices. Microsoft has also been refocusing where it makes its money, so may well see the Windows OS as a gateway drug to sell the rest of its services.

In this new paradigm, consumers will get a reliable OS that they’ll always know how to drive and improves slowly over time. Well that’s the hope anyway.