What happens to us after we die? What will it be like not to exist? These type of questions have probably been with us ever since we became conscious beings and aware of our limited lifespan. It's also a question that has many answers and the quest for an answer is probably the foundation of many religions and spiritism. I’m not a subscriber to these type of answers. I’ve always gone with, nothing. There’s nothing after you die. But that’s obviously not a very satisfying answer and certainly won’t convince anyone that subscribes to any of the other answers. But maybe there’s another way of looking at the problem?

In physics there are some equations (those that don’t involve entropy anyway) where you can reverse the sign of the time element in them and they are still perfectly valid. It’s just that the time runs backwards, but everything still works out fine. What if we do the same with our lifespan? So instead of asking what happens to us after we die, we ask instead, what was it like before our birth? We didn’t exist at that time and we have no memory of what it was like, not to exist. Yet, if you think about the time before your birth, it doesn’t freak you out. So thinking about a time beyond the end of our life shouldn’t either. The same conditions will exist after our life ends. We will not exist as a conscience, living being and we will have no memory of not existing.

For me, this way of looking at the problem stops my head exploding when thinking about what it’s going to be like not to exist and not to be conscience anymore. It’s going to be fine. Afterall, I’ve had 13.8 billion years practice, since the beginning of this universe, of not existing.

Photo by Romain Peli / Unsplash