So I've just got my OnePlus One smartphone and wanted to share the unboxing experience. It was all done very nicely and some might say they have ripped off Apple, but if that gives us better experiences as customers, that's fine by me.

What this experience didn't have was the Apple price. The OnePlus One 64 GB version is now priced at £219 in the UK. An amazing price for a lot of hardware. You can check out the specs here. Meanwhile, on with the unboxing.

OnePlus One plus accessories
Here all the bits I ordered. The phone itself is in the brown cardboard box, nicely protected. The charger (not that I really needed another one) is in the square box. Also shown in the official flip case and premium screen protector.

OnePlus Charger
Here's a look at the charger. Nice and simple.

Grab the the tag and pull to one the box. And there it is. Another box, but a much nicer one. It also comes with another SIM card tray for nano SIMs. Handy.

Let's open it.

At last the phone, though is has some handy instructions stuck to the front of it that tells you where all the important features are.

Here's a shot of the back of the phone. They don't call this model sandstone for nothing. It has a very strange, rough texture. Not that I'll ever be touching it, thanks to the flip cover and case.

Removing the white cardboard panel reveals the interestingly designed charging cable and SIM removal tool.

And this is the phone once it had it's sceen protector installed (not to bad a task and no bubbles) and in the flip case.

Thankfully the OnePlus One isn't too wide for my hand. It is much longer than what I'm used to (my current phone is the Nexus 4), but a good fit overall. I think I may be using two hands with this phone more than I do with the Nexus 4.

And there we have it. All unboxed. The next decision to make it which OS I'm going to run on it. It comes with Cyanogenmod 11 (Android KitKat), but wants to upgrade to CM 12 (Lollipop). I'm still not sure on Lollipop. And then there's Oxygen OS from OnePlus, which is suppose to be closer to the stock Android Lollipop experience.

Decisions, decisions.