It only seems like last week that we had a Windows update. Oh wait, it was, but here’s another one all the same. Most of the update is a concern for servers, but is also being offered to clients as a defense-in-depth measure. One of the updates patches a critical privilege elevation bug, which was delayed from last week.

More troublesome for Microsoft was that the four new cipher suites it added last week were in fact broken and an update this week basically removes them. Whoops.

And lastly, Windows 8.1 gets a service pack, weighing in at over 700 MB. That’s the size of a CD, which back in the day, a whole Windows OS used to fit on. This service pack is a patch roll-up and is optional, unlike the Windows 8.1 Update 1 update, which was compulsory.

More details can be found in this Infoworld article. I would have linked to the Microsoft support pages, but they seem very flaky at the moment. Getting 503 error or page just not loading. Maybe they need to update that server.