![Screen shot of Action Launcher](https://lh4.ggpht.com/50-ymT7pCrGQJx398fQ36ZlTnWOPZaQxZu1uBH3oiMcxhyRqaj0GuMW3i4dek_KJLnA=h900)

I haven’t been too keen on experimenting with alternative home screen launchers, preferring to stick with the stock Android launcher on my Nexus 4 phone. However, that was until I came across Action Launcher and a killer feature that I am just loving. If an app has widgets associated with it, swipe down on the icon and a widget pops up on the screen (you can define which widget will appear). Very cool. Now, instead of having widgets everywhere on multiple home screens taking up space, I just swipe on the app icons to get my widgets and quickly check emails, tweets, weather, etc.

Other features I like include swiping in from the left on the home screen brings up a list of all installed apps and widgets. You can then just drag and drops these on to a home screen. A swipe from the right brings up a fully customisable drawer where you can put widgets. By default it lists recently used apps, so is an alternative to the standard multitasking button.

It also has a special kind of folder they call a Cover. Say you have multiple camera apps, but mostly use the stock camera app. If you just tap the Cover folder, the stock camera app is launched. But if you swipe down on the icon the folder opens up and you have access to the rest of your camera apps.

There are lots more features that I haven’t explored. If you buy the pro version you can pretty much customise everything it seems. There’s a 50% sale of the pro version making just £1.09 at the moment. A real bargain I think. At this point I can’t imagine going back to the stock launcher. It even supports the translucent status bar and Android buttons, something Google has reserved for the Nexus 5 via the Google Experience Launcher. Nice.

As with most mobile apps, a video demo is your best bet to get an idea of the behaviour of an app. Here's one for Action Launcher.


Definitely worth checking out and going pro.