Introducing my new personal blog. In this first post I talk about how I set it up...

Ghost in the blog

Thought I might try out this new blogging software called Ghost. It's only just launched and you currently have to run it on a server somewhere, which I've done over at DigitalOcean (you can get your very own VPS Linux server from just $5/month, very cool). They are going to launch a hosted service soon, but it was really simple to setup with DigitalOcean as you can start a VPS with it already installed (here are the steps I followed).

The main writing experience is carried out using the Markdown language, but you can see how your post will look via the live preview pane on the left hand side of the screen, so you'll quickly get the hang of it. If you get stuck there's a handy cheat sheet available right on the compose page (click on the small question mark icon at the top right of the Markdown text box). There's also a live word counter, if you're counting that is.

I've left the demo post that comes with Ghost so you can see all the things it can currently do here.

Spelling errors galore

The main bug I've found so far is that the spell checking in Chrome is not working in the compose window. I do find Chrome's spell checking to be a bit hit and miss. I presume it's some issue with the underlying HTML? A short term solution might be to compose posts in Google Docs and then copy & paste the text over. I do love Google's grammar correction too. It seems very smart.

Update: Just been in the Ghost forums and it seems that spellchecking within the web app will be coming soon.

Initial conclusion

It's early days for Ghost, but so far so good. I hope to be writing here a lot in the future. Maybe, instead of doing a photo a day and could do a blog post a week in 2014?